The Gypsy Queens and Kings

a legendary show on tour

20 artists from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, France and Spain celebrate the rich culture and fascinating music of the Gypsies. An all-star line-up with intoxicating voices, powerful Balkan Brass, stirring Rumba Catalan, Belly Dance and Flamenco puts a spell on any audience.

Gypsy Queens and Kings

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The diversity of the musicians involved is remarkable. There’s one essential bond between them though that closes every cultural gap and also builds musical bridges: eyerone involved in the project is a “Gypsy” and dedicates his professional life to the music of his people.

Three great voices guarantee for the virtuosic harmony of any differences. The undoubted Diva from the Balkans, Esma Redzepova, as well as Jony Iliev from Bulgaria and Sabrina Romero from Spain, will take the stage by storm. They get vigorous support by the new shooting stars of Balkan Brass, the Mahala Rai Banda from Bukarest, and the Gitanos of guitarist Tato Garcia’s band spreading Mediterranean flair. The lively dance interludes by Aurelia Sandu and Sabrina Romero round off this unmatched concert spectacular.

"... with almost everyone on their feet, it really was a gig to remember."

Evening Standart 20th October 2009 about the concert at the Royal Festival Hall London (read more)

“... the best Gypsy Party this side of the Danube.” 

Guardian 2nd June 2007 about the concert at the Barbican

“… but the evening everyone was talking about was The Gypsy Queens and Kings – the Barbican was in party mode within the first few minutes and everybody knew it was going to be a legendary night to remember.” Songlines July / August 2007 about the concert at the Barbican

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