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Niederlanden Brabants Dagblad  26.05.2006
' ... Kal - ‘zwart’ in het Romani - presenteert een vrij sensationeel Servisch geluid...'
Deutschland Begegnungen 05.2006
'...Kal bieten mit durchgängige Präzision ein wahres Feuerwerk an Musizierlust und Lebensfreude...'
Deutschland CD-Kritik 12.02.2006
'...Kein Zweifel: Auf diese Rebellen hat der Dancefloor gewartet!'
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United Kingdom Songlines 06.2006
'...Kal [...] are currently one of the hottest Roma bands on the wildly diverse Serbian scene...'
USA Blogcritics 09.05.2006
'...With energy to spare, KAL has an exotic sound all their own, and this self-titled CD packs 12 incredible tracks that bring you into the traveling troop of Gypsy life before turning around and booming you out into the stratosphere with hard beats that keep the party going...'
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USA RootsWorld 2006
This collective of Roma musicians from the Belgrade environs are digging deep into Romani culture, creating music that is not only looking to the fields and byways, but to skyscrapers, airliners, and cyberspace.
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France Vibrations 04.2006
'... ces lascars sont la meilleure nouvelle qui nous soit parvenue de Serbie depuis des lustres...'
France Mondomix 05.2006
'...Cette musique acoustique et fougueuse est un souffle d'air pur et allègre. '
Tschechische Republik World Music 01.02.2006
Fantastické album startující po zásluze okamzite na samý vrchol evropského zebrícku world music.
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