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Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs


USA  Popmatters  02.08.12
' ... The brass lines and shrill woodwind warbles betray their Balkan roots, but everything else speaks the universal language of chill-out.'
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USA  Global a Go-Go  07.06.12
' .. Don’t miss this beyond-category beauty.'
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USA  Inside World Music  03.05.12
' ...Fans of Balkan music that like a good balance between electronic and folk elements will love the modern musings of Kottarashky and The Rain Dogs...'
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USA Muzikifan  01.05.12
' ... I thought Opa Hey! was pretty sterling and this lifts the bar up even higher ...'
Canada  World Beat Canada   03.05.12
' .. it’s twelve tracks of ear candy with fascinating, organic samples and twisty slices of Balkan funk and blues. ...'
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UK   Unwashed Territories   March 2013
' Kottarashky has long had something about him that sets him apart - not just his penchant for combining traditional Bulgarian and modern dance music, but for doing it in such a way that the boundaries between the two become blurred and the marriage of sounds becomes entirely natural ...'
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UK   the guardian   May 2012
'Demoni offers sluggish reggae and soul, and while there are tasty blasts of clarinet and accordion on...'
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Schwitzerland   globalsounds May 2012
"...vom Studio-Projekt zum Live-Act..."
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Belgium  23.04.12
' ... Voor zijn tweede langspeler besloot de Bulgaarse techneut Nikola Gruev a.k.a. Kottarashky zijn grenzen te verleggen en in zee te gaan met een heuse band. . '
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Netherlands  May 2012
' ... Ett album som visar Kottarashkys begåvning i skilda skepnader. '
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Netherlands   Färmlands Folkblad 04.05.12
' Överraskande och häpnadsväckande! ... '
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Spain   Bcoolture 24.09.12
'... Sin duda, un álbum que puede determinar un nuevo proceder en el tratamiento de la música tradicional con los nuevos sonidos del siglo XXI '
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Netherlands   MixedWorldMusic April 2012
'Kottarashky presenteert Demoni, zijn tweede album... '
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Germany  Jazzthing   Juni - August 2012
" ...knüpfen...einen trancelastigen Klangteppich, der in seiner schönen Kargheit einfach hinreißend wirkt.... Endlich ein Album, das kein unseliges Crossover anstellt, sondern die Fundamente respektiert. "
Germany   31.05.12
" ... Klingt irre? Ist es auch – irre eingängig. ... "
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Germany  WDR Funkhaus Europa   25.05.12
" ...Bulgarischer Blues für den Rest der Welt vom Soundarchitekten Kottarashky aus Sofia... "
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Germany  taz   12.05.12
"Ein streundender Kater am Schwarzen Meer"
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Germany   WESTZEIT  May 2012
"... Deep. Und Cool."
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Germany   sound&image  May 2012
'... Wichtige Meilensteine der Weltmusik sind die beiden Alben von Kottarashky allemal. '
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Germany   1 beat  April 2012
... Spannend ist „Demoni“, ihr zweites Album, alle mal!
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