Shantel Bucovina Club II (CD)
Two years after the acclaimed and award-winning Bucovina Club Album (which won the most prestigious French music critics` prize), Shantel has been inspired by the enthusiasm of audiences and critics to set his sights on surpassing his fantastic debut album. The second Bucovina Club album brings you the mood and feel of the Bucovina Club in the small hours when hundreds of dance-hungry people are still going strong. These 16 tracks are the ultimate sweat-drenching floorfillers of the party. Shantel`s own tracks feature top stars of the Gypsy and Balkan music scene: Boban Markovic and his son Marko, Jony Iliev, the all-star line-up Bucovina Club Orkestar, the exclusive remixes feature Mahala Rai Banda, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Sandy Lopicic Orkestar & French-Romanian actress Rona Hartner (of Tony Gatlif`s film Gadjo Dilo) while the other tracks present a host of famous artists and some names to watch out for: Dr. Nelle Karajlic, Balkan Beat Box, Slonovski Bal and Goran Bregovic.
Released by Essay Recordings, 2005, Format: CD only
16,00 EUR

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