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Robert 'Robi' Svärd


Robert 'Robi' Svärd - Alquimia
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Release: 7 September 2018

Cat. Nr.: CD-ATR 5918
Format: CD / Digital
Total playing time 41:58
File under: Flamenco, World, Spain
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Gothenburg goes Granada - Swedish Flamenco guitarist Robert 'Robi' Svärd back with second album

After the release of his highly acclaimed debut album “Pa'ki Pa'ka” (Asphalt Tango Records 2016), the time has come for Flamenco guitarist Robert 'Robi' Svärd to release an equal follow-up, “Alquimia”. The arrival of "Pa'ki Pa'ka" back in 2016 caused quite a stir and Robi's music soon found its way into the hearts of many leading figures in Flamenco.

Many of these giants, such as living legends El Potito, Niño Josele, Luis Moneo and Pepe Torres appear on "Alquimia". Award-winning singer Alfredo Tejada, whose rich and colourful voice we all got accustomed to on "Pa'ki Pa'ka", also makes a re-appearance on "Alquimia", along with some twenty distinguished guests. The results of this alchemical adventure is truly something very special and Robi and friends simply can not wait to unleash "Alquimia" on the world!.

Born in 1975 in Sweden, Robert 'Robi' Svärd´s interest in the guitar awakened at an early age. At the tender age of four he strummed his first chords on the instrument which was to captivate him until the present day. In 1992 Robi left Sweden to continue his music studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Australia. And 1998 Robi finally followed his true passion and moved to Sevilla to study Flamenco. There he quickly earned the respect of the “flamencos” of Sevilla. Even though he now once again resides in Sweden, Robi is constantly involved in numerous projects in Spain.

In 2017 KAP (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) honoured Robert Svärd with their World Music Award 2017.


Robert 'Robi' Svärd, Alfredo Tejada, Ann Sehlstedt “La Pantera”, Antonio Campos, Antonio Ramos “El Maca”, Antonio Rodriguez “Cheyenne jr”, Antonio Vargas “El Potito”, Benjamin Santiago “El Moreno", David Sanchez “El Galli”, Diego Guerrero, Diego Santiago “El Negro”, Encarni Amador “La Nitra”, Estrella de Manuela, Fran Valero “El Quero”, Joan Masana, Joaquin Sanchez Gil, José Antonio Cortéz, José Heredia, Julián Heredia “El Pipote”, Lucia Rodriguez Molina “La Monilla”, Luis Moneo, Macarena Fernandez, Miguel Rodriguez “El Cheyenne”, Niño Josele, Oscar Lago, Pedrillo Amador, Pepe Torres, Raúl Molina “El Mikey”, Sergio Gomez “El Colorao”, Sergio Pamies, Vahan Harutyunyan


1. Alquimia (Bulerías) 4:56 / 2. Bajo la luna (Soleá por Bulerías) 4:16 / 3. La luna quiere bailar (Tangos) 4:08 / 4. Soñando (Detalle por Rondeña) 4:45 / 5. La esperanza (Alegrías) 4:31
6. Nor Jugha (Zapateado) 4:24 / 7. Te vienes o no te vienes? (Bulerías) 4:51 / 8. Callejón del agua (Siguiriya) 6:05 / 9. Reencuentro (Balada) 4:02

Total playing time 41:58

All tracks published by Asphalt Tango Records


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"Bajo la luna"
feat. Potito

"Nor Jugha"
feat. Vahan Harutyunyan

feat. Niño Josele

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