Pa’ki pa’ka

This is the story of a Swedish guitarist who was invited to a baptism in Granada, which turned out to be a huge celebrity party in the flamenco world. And it just so happened that his own role models were courting him, wanting to meet and shake hands. It was like a dream.
How did he end up there?

Robert “Robi” Svärd is a classically trained guitarist who won multiple awards and was highly sought after as a young talent in Australia. When he chose to focus on flamenco in Sevilla, the best musicians and dancers soon started to book him on a regular basis. His music has already made many of flamenco’s most prominent musicians gasp for breath.
Robi unleashed something during the recording of his debut album, Pa’ki Pa’ka. He posted a video of his own song on Facebook.

And it was really no coincidence that it suddenly had a vast number of shares. Neither was it a coincidence that one of flamenco’s hottest singers, Alfredo Tejada Heredia, approached Robert about singing with him. Nor that he was invited to record his album in a legendary studio in Granada together with the very best musicians in the flamenco world, including the percussionist Miguel “El Cheyenne”, who later invited the Swedish music phenomenon to his daughter’s baptism.

This is the story of Robi, a Swedish guitarist, and it starts right here.


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Robert 'Robi' Svärd




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