Blues from Elsewhere

Koby Israelite


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American folk meets the Eastern Europe, from hard to catagorise Israeli-born London music producer.

It is true to say that nothing comes from nothing and something always comes from something. With this as a working philosophy, Koby has skillfully made connections between the american folk music of Blues, Bluegrass and country'n'western and then balanced them with the other immigrant sounds of eastern european and balkan melodies. Bringing out the Eastern European and Balkan elements and raising them upon the saddle of american rock, blues and folk. As a multi-instrumentalist his skill and virtuosity expresses itself throughout. At times effervescent, at other times reflective but always expressive. What remains is his signature style, where the accordion (dubbed as the new guitar) swings and sways with all the bewilderment of the circus, taking the listener through a gypsy fair set in the mid-west, travelling from town to town, city to state. The mix of styles conjure up a motley crew of blues musicians, Klezmoriim and balkaneers on a road trip across America. This wave of delirium, staggers and sways the listener, keeping them on the edge of their seat and the very borders of the genres, where one style meets another. Whether as an ode to Johnny Cash, a nod to the skiffle bands, the vocal trios and quartets of 1950's or the hazy dreaminess of Led Zeppelin in his tribute to Kashmir, Koby brings these diverse elements together and balances them in this, his latest release. The composition's in the “blues from elsewhere” suite are connected through modern american rock but given an eastern slavic temperament. From the italian mandolin's of “Crayfish Hora” to slide guitar of “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. It is the powerful and adept voice of Annique that steps in to add a sweet, smoky tinged powerful rock edged soul and bring the American element up to date with a vocal power, versatility and range worthy of the rock and roll halls of fame.

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