Grabovachki Trio Shiny Dreams (CD)
The Grabovachki Trio was formally created in late 2000, although the members grew up together and have played music together since childhood. Milan Petrovic, Vladan Petrovic, and Milorad Petrovic (grandson of Ljubomir Petrovic), are among the last of the Roma to be brought up as musicians in Grabovica. Milorad and Vladan began playing their instruments before the age of 6, while Milan began at 13. In recent years they have played in bands with non-Romany musicians for local weddings and other celebrations.
As a trio, they began to experiment with their own compositions and arrangements of traditional Romany folk music, using only acoustic instruments: two violins and viola. In some ways this reflects an older style of Romany music, from before the time of electric instruments, when such combinations of string instruments were common. Their style also shows the influence of the Romany violinist Boban Kostic who introduced a more energetic and powerful sound in Romany violin music in the 1980s, as well as Indian, Vlach, central Serbian and classical influences.
Released by Galbeno, 2001, Format: CD
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