Tchavolo Schmitt Loutcha (CD)
We would like to quote a short excerpt from Patrick Williams` book about Django Reinhardt here; it is essential reading for every music lover. Certain musicians among the best ones (and since the one we have in mind as we write this is Tchavolo Schmitt, let`s just say the best) only reveal their true potential in that context (Author`s note: "that" refers to the gipsy community here.) Music is essential, but there are other things too, such as sense of brotherhood, wine.
Sometimes, when Tchavolo deconstructs a Reinhardt-style pattern on such an occasion, only to reconstruct it with extraordinary brilliance and passion, or launches into the wild spin of the waltzes he likes so much, he seems to be inventing the actual tradition from which Django himself originally came. It`s as though we suddenly find Django again outside the real Django-Django this side of Django - an area of passion and turmoil.
Released by Chant De Monde 2005, Format: CD
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