Electric Gypsyland - Vol. 2 Various Artists (CD)
16 classic Balkan Gypsy tracks re-invented by Animal Collective, Nouvelle Vague, Cibelle, Oi-Va-Voi, Balkan Beat Box, Tunng, Shantel, Smadj, 43 Skidoo feat. Susheela Raman...Excursions around Balkan Gypsy music
Gypsy musicians have always absorbed and transformed the many different styles of music that they encountered during their journeys. But what might happen if young western European or American musicians did the same thing to Balkan Gypsy music? If they absorbed some of its spirit and infused it into their own sonic world? Well, the answer lies in the album you`re currently looking at.
Released by Crammed Disc, 2006, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

Track 1 

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Track 3 
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