Golden Brass Summit Various Artists (Double CD)
The German Network label has put out their own monster double-CD set short-titled "Golden Brass Summit" subtitled "Fanfares en délire" and also known as 40 YEARS OF GUCA: AN ANTHOLOGY OF THE BIGGEST BRASS FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD. It's over two hours of stimulating music. This Balkan brass festival began under Tito when half the repertoire was patriotic songs of mixed ethnic derivation. These have been omitted from the compilation as Ilija Stankovic says he's had enough of them! He also points out how the "white" orchestras from Western Serbia were favoured over the "black" Roma bands from the South and East, though the latter were invariably superior musically. When the festival began in 1961, folk dusted off their ethnic costumes that had been in mothballs since the Second World War and soon the aromas of boiling cabbage, spit-roasted meat, and hot schnapps were filling the air. One of the founders of the event wrote at the time, "The trumpeters stand on stage and play for four hours, trying to outdo one another. Their trumpets glisten like golden ducats, their songs are melancholic, about the transience of beauty and the stubbornness of sorrow. The "cocek" dance is fiery, whereas the "kolo" flutters across the meadow like a ribbon. The audience spares neither their hands nor their feet..."
Released by Network Medien GmbH, 2002, Format: CD
20,00 EUR

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