Kocani Orkestar The Ravished Bride (CD)
Here's the long-awaited new album by the funkiest Balkan band, the one and only Kocani Orkestar which has been championed by everyone from indie rockers like Beirut to jazzman Paolo Fresú to Balkan Beat Box and Cibelle.
The Ravished Bride is undoubtedly their strongest album so far: the power and excitement of the band's explosive live performances is masterfully translated, and the arrangements are more inventive than ever.
Many of the tracks on The Ravished Bride are romantic or epic love songs, carried by the thrilling, undulating voice of charismatic young singer Ajnur Azizov, and exploring new directions in Balkan pop. There's also an unexpected foray into the Latin world, with a rendition of Mexican standard 'La Llorona', and a nod to the band's roots with a couple of traditional Macedonian pieces.
Some of the instrumental pieces lean towards what could be described as '60s spy movie themes or surf musican impression strengthened by the presence of guest guitarist Uri Kinrot (from Balkan Beat Box and Boom Pam). With further assistance from a second guest guitarist (co-producer Vincent Kenis) and a drummer (adding snare drum & hi hat to complement the traditional tapan), the album often has a definite rock undertone.

Released by Crammed Discs, 2008, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

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