Shutka My Hometown Various Artists (CD)
Since the early nineties youth in Roma urban communities around Europe have been creating a new, non-conformist identity by adapting the subculture of hip hop to local environment. Due to the quickly made parallels between Roma mahalas and American ghettos their interest in rap and its most popular godfathers quickly grew. It is rumoured fifty per cent of the audience at the Skopje James Brown concert were his Roma fans. For at least a decade and half hip hop has been listened to and performed in the Skopje Roma municipality of uto orizari - hutka, steadily gaining popularity among the local youth, who meet at the Roma rapstudios, at occasional Roma TV hip hop competitions and at hip hop and r&b parties in the local disco. The compilation I hutka tani mo than (hutka My Hometown) is the presentation of the output of the finest Skopje Roma rappers, from their initial productions in the Roma demo studios (some recordings produced there were excellent) to the finish in the respectable Skopje studio ambient. It embraces diverse local Roma approaches to hip hop, from Roma ethno r&b to metal punk rap and Balkan Roma echoes of reggaeton. Rebellion & provocation are their salt and pepper. Subdued anger provides the heat. hutka Calling?

Released by Foundation Open Society Institute, Macedonia, 2010 , Format CD
10,00 EUR

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