Kroke Live At Home (CD)
The Yiddish word KROKE means "Cracow". The group Kroke is strongly linked to Kazimierz, a Jewish settlement that had been an autonomous Jewish town up to the 19th century and then became the Jewish neighbourhood of Cracow. Until 1939 Cracow and especially Kazimierz was one of the most important centres of Jewish cultural life in Europe.
The ensemble was founded in 1992 at the initiative of three friends, graduates of the Krakow Music Academy. Taking the traditional music repertoire as the basis for constructing original arrangements and improvisation, and using their previous experience in classical music and jazz, Kroke creates new and unique compositions, and a sound therefore unknown to Jewish music. The music played by Kroke should be understood and felt as the quintessence of ancient Jewish culture, and at the same time as living proof for its unbroken existence. It is also a form of speaking to humanity, an invitation to commonly contemplating the question of what it means "to be a human being".
Released by Oriente Musik, Format: CD only
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