Hazmat Modine Cicada (CD)
Two years in the making, Hazmat Modine's new album, is a true epic involving four continents,dozens of musicians, and collaborations with The Gangbe Brass Band, Natalie Merchant, and The Kronos Quartet. Hazmat Modine is a band in perpetual motion. In 2006, All Music Guide called the New York-based octet's debut album, Bahamut, at once ageless and primeval, authentically indigenous and inexplicably otherworldly, familiar and unlike anything else. Since then, this remarkable ensemble that specializes in happy collisions of disparate sounds has continued its nonstop evolution, extending their musical reach further than ever before.

Released by Jaro Medien, 2011, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

Track 1 

Track 2 

Track 3 
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