Taraf de Haidouks Dumbala Dumba (CD)
Taraf de Haidouk`s third album was recorded in their home environment of Clejani and in nearby Bucharest. Just like its predecessors, it was produced by Stefan Karo, Michel Winter and CramWorld producer/engineer Vincent Kenis. But this time the Taraf have invited a series of guests to appear with them: the musicians from Mîrsa with their characteristic call-and-response vocal style, the ursari (who descend from the brotherhood of the bear-tamers), Rosioru, the master of Valachian Gypsy crooners, as well as Viorica, a remarkable female vocalist. Great performances by these musafirii (guests) and by the entire, regular line-up of the Taraf all contribute to make Dumbala Dumba a fresh, warm, intimate and poetic album...
Released by Crammed Disc, 1998, Format: CD only
17,00 EUR

Track 1 

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Track 3 
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