Old World Tangos Vol. 1 Echoes from afar (CD)
Mid-Twentieth century tango's came in many flavours, as this compilation of 20 tracks by ten artists from Romania, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Egypt and Algeria makes abundantly clear. While each number reflects the particular accent of its native land, they all share a stylized melancholy and the halting tango rhythm.
Including artists like:

Jean Moscopol / Titi Botez / Seyyan Hanim / Ibrahim Özgür / Sofia Vembo / Pjotr Leschenko / Toula Amvrazi / Farid & Asmahan / Lili Boniche
Released by Oriente Musik - Germany, 2001, Format: CD only

12,00 EUR

Track 1 

Track 2 

Track 3 
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