Tekameli Religious Gipsy Songs (CD)
Tekameli goes well beyond a certain well-worn cliché about the gypsies. Over the last few years they have become the musical emblem of a religious belief as well as a certain tradition. Following a sort of evangelical awakening of their faith, the gypsies in the heart of the little cobbled streets of Saint John`s district in Perpignan have changed the traditional Catalan rumba into a totally up-to-date canticle of faith. In the footsteps of Manitas de Plata and the Gypsy Kings, Jérémie Espinas and his nephews Salomon, Jérémie and Moïse are continuing the tradition of the Catalan gypsies in France, in their own special style.
Released by Long Distance, 2003, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

Track 1 

Track 2 

Track 3 
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