Bulgarian Voices - Angelite Fly Fly My Sadness (CD)
For a long time I had been studying the common denominator of meditative structures in various folkloristic forms of expression, for instance the Russian tradition of lengthy songs with their characteristically brooding melancholy. Actually, a similar mood might be found in Tuvan songs of the steppe, and is also reflected in the the musical landscape of folk songs from the Radopi region in Bulgaria, as well as in many Jewish songs, filled as they are with that very same stillness and affection. I remember en elderly couple dressed in black on a small island in Greece. They were looking out across the sea, into the distance, motionless, and time stood still. During rehearsals, singers who had never seen each other before and were at first glance utterly remote from each other as far as cultural roots are concerned, began suddenly and spontaneously to perform their forefathers` songs for their "alien" colleagues, as though discovering this possibility for themselves right then and there. Each began to pick up intonations, modes, and moods of songs stemming from seemingly infinitely distant areas. The family were coming together, getting to know each other as though after centuries of separation. That in itself was enough for me to be satisfied with the final product.

Released by Jaro Medien, 1996, Format: CD only
12,00 EUR

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