Warsaw Village Band Hopsasa (CD)
It is a completely new youth "band" with real rock guts, though playing "without power and upstream". It is famous for its vigorous violins and lively drums and the singing "shouting" with wild verve what everyone has in mind about virginity.
Their first album is an invitation to "Hopsasa Classic Polo", featuring only traditional songs from the heart of Poland. The record was considered the folk album of 1998 by the listeners of Polish Radio 3 and the rebellious magazine Brum. No wonder as the album presents the modern, dynamic bio-techno style and, at the same time, is so Polish and "wellseasoned" as old, good and strong wine. The young people discovered in the land on the Vistula River the native, shamanic layers, which wake up the remains of the surviving Polish genetic code and hypnotize crowds to exhaustion until daylight (as during the first major concert in 1997 "Przystanek Olecko"). They are favorites of the audience and receive prizes from both the audience and jurors of numerous competitions, begining from "New Tradition `98" organized by the Polish Radio.
They are ultra rebellious, playing the so-called "hard core from the barn" on traditional Polish instruments and singing in the dialect of "white" peasants from our "farms and plantations".

Released by Jaro Medien, 2005, Format: CD only
12,00 EUR

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