Zdob si Zdub Agroromantica (CD)
With a live show worthy of everyone`s envy and with 10 years of experience behind them, the cosmic minstrels combine in a unique way hardcore with Moldovan folklore, call them ethno-rockers if you will. Add a touch of hip-hop, drum`n`bass, jungle, disco? this is a happen` musical cross-over act. Don`t even try to put them in your boxy world, they`re unclassifiable.
They`ve been called shamans as whatever they do they continue to use their magic and beauty. They hypnotize.They always keep the balance between riffs that go straight to your heart and play with carefree metaphors that make them a unique experience. Their lyrics are written in a new dialect of rock music.If ZsZ never existed they should be invented. Obsessively talented. Incredibly melodic. The Zdubs amaze, every time.
Released by Zdob-si-Zdub, 2001, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

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Track 3 
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