Gipsy Kings Pasajero (CD)
Two years ago, when they ditched their synthesisers to record the Roots album, "the world`s favourite non-English speaking band" found they were back in fashion with world music fans. This new album has the same light touch, with their remarkable guitar work driven on by rousing percussion or accordion, and with just one subtle dash of brass. But this time there`s more of a global feel, with a flamenco-edged treatment of the Buena Vista favourite Chan Chan matched against an unlikely dash of Gypsy reggae, instrumentals that show off the rapid-fire guitar solos of Tonino Baliardo, and rousing ballads. The Gipsy Kings still sound remarkably fresh, classy and commercial.
Released by Sony BMG, 2006, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

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Track 3 
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