Figli Di Madre Ignota Fez Club (CD)
The sommer is almost over that's sad, but it also means that we can party even more indoors! You need the right music for that. That's where Eastblok Music comes in. Our next release is due. It rocks and is sexy. They are called FIGLI DI MADRE IGNOTA and come from Italy. Wait a minute. Eastblok and Italy? The Figlis are Balkanized and just so great, that we had them join the family. Here you get the best of both worlds: the brass power and craziness of the Balkans combined with the sophistication of Italian gentleman's croon. We call it: Spagetthi Balkan!

Released by Eastblok, 2008, Format CD
12,00 EUR

Track 1 

Track 2 

Track 3 
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