Kaloome De otro color (CD)
Kaloome "de otro color" CD

Long-awaited second album by Kaloome - the 6-piece band (2 women, 4 men) of gypsy musicians from Perpignan - with a vibrant Mediterranean sound.
Kaloome is all-acoustic, with all six members on vocals, and several guitars, violin, bass, piano, cajon, various percussion and hand-clapping.
Kaloome have a 'Gypsy rumba meets flamenco' sound, with influences from jazz and North African music. There are slight similarities to the Gypsy Kings guitar-based sound, but less pop-based and the violin, piano and female voices give Kaloome's music a different feel.

Released by Naive, 2008, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

Track 1 

Track 2 

Track 3 
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