Dunkelbunt Picnic with dunkelbunt (CD)
This collection features a bunch of my most favourite bands and musicians, such as Oi Va Voi, Manau, Baba Zula, Nil Karaibrahimgil, Arthur Lee, Lonley Drifter Karen, Nôze, Firewater, Skeewiff, Watcha Clan, DJ Delay, Imam Baildi, Axel Krygier and Schlawiener by [dunkelbunt].
I have listened to all these tracks in and out after I had compiled them - for years! To me, this is a hand selected melange, including wonderful songs and great artists from all over the world, that keeps on touching me in a special way. I really do believe that it is a neccessity to share this listening experience with as many people as possible. This "picnic" is food for the soul. Many many thanks to all the amazing musicians who wrote and played this wonderful music. You made my day. More than once! Again and again and again! Mr. Dunkelbunt

Released by Poets Club Records, 2012, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

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Track 3 
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