Amsterdam Klezmer Band Zaraza (CD)
The AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND story began in 1996. A few Amsterdam boys with Jewish backgrounds became inspired by the catchy sounds of Klezmer music and started busking. Since that time the band has evolved into a seven-member formation which is now the Klezmer and Balkan music pride of the Netherlands. Their lengthy time on the road and extensive experience are now paying off spectacularly. The band just keeps getting better and better and has again reached a new level with Zaraza.

Here's what the renowned Dutch daily paper NRC has to say about the AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND: "This group has very little to offer to 'Klezmer-purists' since Klezmer was never meant to be polished and perfected for concert halls. With their festive approach they take the music out of the conservatory corridors into the street."

Released by Essay Recordings, 2008, Format: CD
12,00 EUR

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