Maria Tanase Magic Bird - the early years (CD)
She was born in September 1913, the third child of Ana Munteana and Ion Coanda Tanase. The father, Coanda, was a passionate gardener and the family lived on the outskirts of Bucharest. It so happened that in her father`s garden she learnt not only to walk, but also how to sing. The Tanases employed women from all parts of Rumania to work in their garden. These women brought the local traditions of the regions they came from with them, in the form of their favourite songs, which they loved to sing. The little Maria was immediately fascinated by the magic of these folk songs, and many of them later became a part of her impressive repertoire. Most important among her gifts was the ability to share the emotions that a folk song evoked in her with the whole audience. This, together with her enormous personal appeal, lead to her becoming a revered idol of the Rumanian people.
Maria Tanase died tragically of cancer in 1963 at the age of 49. It was a day of national mourning. The balconies and windows either side of the route taken by the funeral procession to the Belu Cemetery were packed from early in the morning to assure a chance to honour her passing. Tens of thousands of workers left their factories to accompany "Maria of the Songs" to her final resting place.
Released by Oriente Musik, Format: CD only
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