Hazmat Modine Extra-Deluxe-Supreme (CD)
After ten years of touring the world, Hazmat Modine’s third studio album, Extra-Deluxe-Supreme, digs deeper into American soil.
Ten years ago, Barbès Records/Jaro Medien released Hazmat Modine’s debut album, Bahamut, which quickly went on to become a cult classic. Now ten years later, the band is releasing their third studio album: Extra-Deluxe-Supreme: an artistic statement that is the culmination of ten years of musical adventures around the world.
The new album confirms Hazmat Modine’s place as a band of outsiders oblivious to the rules that govern today’s music scene. The group itself is a heterogeneous collection of musicians with a fondness for odd instruments and an all-inclusive view of what constitutes American music. Extra-Deluxe- Supreme is their most classically American album to date. It draws from Gospel and R&B, from Country Blues and early jazz, and displays a strong attention to songcraft, inspired by a long line of American songwriters from Tin Pan Alley to Stax and Motown.

Released by Jaro Medien, 2016, Format: CD
12,00 EUR
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