Old World Tangos Vol. 3 Polskie Tango (CD)
All musical tracks, photos and illustrations used for this CD are from the collection of Jerzy Placzkiewicz. For decades he has collected shellacs, concert posters, music sheets and articles from Poland`s between-wars-period - a treasure giving evidence of a society familiar with romanticism, refinement, style and its perfect expression - the Tango.
Listening to this CD, one joins an important part of Poland`s cultural history that was almost completely deleted from public knowledge by World War II and its conclusions - after all the great majority of the artists involved was of Jewish descent.
In this collection a period survived - against all odds, against the current, and against the most considerable menace of all: oblivion. By good fortune - after all it points out that Europe before 1939 was different from the divided continent we used to live in. Cultural exchange and connections between people, the visions of a new Europe, have been reality almost 75 years ago.
This CD is a convincing proof, and we are happy to conclude it with the German cover version of a Polish Tango.
Released by Oriente Musik - Germany, 2005, Format: CD only
12,00 EUR

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