Bulgarian Voices - Angelite Angel's Christmas (CD)
Every year Christians throughout the world celebrate a holy night in expectation of the radiance of true Light. For all of them this is a night of joy and hope.In the Christian world there exists an amazing variety of musical cultures, including Christmas song cycles that express the most beautiful impulses of the human soul in different musical languages, in different styles, melodies and rhythms. Similar to the other Balkan and Slavic peoples, in the folk culture of the Bulgarians the traditional carols are sung on Christmas Eve when young men, koledari (carol-singers) dressed in folk costumes, pay ritual visits to all houses in the neighbourhood. They sing different Christmas songs and add further impact to the well-wishing for fertility of the lands, prosperity, health and personal happiness of every member of the family - for the host, for the oldest woman on the house, for the young bachelor, for the children. And finally before leaving the house they sing "we are now going out of this house and God comes in..." The world famous female choir Bulgarian Voices - ANGELITE offers to the listener Christmas music in their excellent interpretation. The variety of styles represented by the music in this release opens new vistas for creativity, for making different musical worlds meet - far apart in time yet close to the spiritual makeup of contemporary man. Each performance introduces new details and nuances to the multicoloured sound picture. In the play of timbres and sound colours, in the singers` specific voices the listener will be able to reveal the secret of the irresistible beauty of musical art. Listen to a Christmas fairy tale as told by the most famous Bulgarian choir.
Released by Jaro Medien, 2003, Format: CD only
12,00 EUR

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