Pjotr Leschenko Gloomy Sunday (CD)
This new release of ORIENTE Musik is dedicated to the charismatic Russian singer Pjotr Leschenko. The 4th Leschenko-CD Gloomy Sunday contains recordings from 1931 to 1937, the years Leschenko was well on his way to conquering the whole of Europe from his exile in Bucharest. In the centre of this release stands the ballad of Gloomy Sunday, the song of deep despair which subsequently held a magical attraction for all those who wanted to put an end to their lives. Anyway, Leschenko recorded the song before it turned into a kind of anthem for those in danger of suicide. So it's not a speculation - it's Leschenko's feeling for the tragic and desperate mood of a song that has lost none of its fascination or power to allure. The accent is again on the tango's. There are nine of them, among others the Polish compositions Skutschno (Boring) and Ty I Eta Gitara (You and this guitar). On the occasion of the research for our recent release Polskie Tango we realized that Leschenko had numerous Polish compositions in his repertoire, mainly of gifted composer Jerzy Petersburski.
Released by Oriente Musik, 2005, Format: CD only
12,00 EUR

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