Balkan Beat Box Balkan Beat Box (CD)
Balkan Beat Box are an intoxicating combination of performance, Dance- and World-infused electronic Music with live musicians from Israel, Morocco, and even Iran with DJ`s, Flamenco dancers, Belly dancers, and a VJ, mixing the ecstatic sounds and sights of the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe.
The Balkan Beat Box views music with fresh eyes: as a continuing cultural dialogue. It can take the form of a clash of cultures, and sometimes it is Diasporic in nature. At other times it is Israeli with all the music that lives there - Arabic, Sephardic, Hassidic - a true melting pot with never-ending sources of inspiration.
Balkan Beat Box is best explained as a performance-meets-dance party that generates ecstatic energy by blending electronic music with hard-edged folk music from North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.
Balkan Beat Box was formed in 2003 and is spearheaded by Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat. Tamir and Ori have been active for a decade in NYC`s premier underground bands like Firewater, Gogol Bordello, Big Lazy, Shot`nez and DJing around the world and touring with the Balkan Beat Box extravaganza. Tamir Muskat grew up with Romanian and African music in the house. Ori Kaplan grew up playing Klezmer clarinet in Jaffa. Both were playing in the NY scene with various downtown bands for more then a decade. Ori studied with Yuri Yunakov - the king of Bulgarian gypsy sax player and played and toured with Gogol Bordello, Firewater, Shot`nez extensively around the globe. Tamir produced some of Gogol Bordello`s, Firewater, JUF, & Big Lazy most memorable music & toured the world extensively.
Released by Essay Recordings, 2005, Format: CD only
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