Ivo Papasov Together Again (CD)
A historic reunion of the superstars of Bulgarian "wedding music", a kinetic, rhythm-bending cultural force that ricocheted across Southeastern Europe in the 1970s and `80s. Built upon virtuosic technique, inventive improvisation, rapid tempos and daring key changes, "wedding music" is based in Balkan folk music and infused with a riveting mix of jazz and rock, Gypsy, Turkish and Indian music, and pure testosterone. Ivo Papasov, Yuri Yunakov, Neshko Neshev and Salif Ali together created and embodied this explosive sound, becoming national icons in the years leading up to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, after a decade on separate continents, they`ve joined forces again, reinventing regional dances and melodies with their legendary breathtaking flair
Released by Traditional Crossroads - USA, 2005, Format: CD only
12,00 EUR

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