Fulgerica Fulgerica & The Mahala Gypsies (CD)
There are three vocalists including Cristina Turcu who Dragi compares to legendary Romanian Gypsy queen Gabi Lunca, so assured is her vocal style. The ballad Ce E Viata Omului, which features just Cristina`s voice and Fulgerica`s accordion, is epic Balkan blues, deep Romanian soul. Mahala is a Romanian word that translates as "hood" or "barrio" and the fifteen tracks gathered here are the soundtrack of Fulgerica`s Gypsy barrio. Some are traditional songs that have been handed down across the centuries, their origins hinted at by a thin silt of Turkish or Armenian words. Others are new compositions by Fulgerica and members of the Mahala Gypsies. Six instrumentals, nine vocals, altogether fifteen of the hottest tunes you are likely to hear all year.
Released by World Connection, 2004, Format: CD only
12,00 EUR

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