Di Grine Kuzine Berlin Wedding (CD)
Berlin has many faces: some for day, some for night, others for the past and present. Each face has its very own, original voice. On their new album, Berlin Wedding, Berlin band DI GRINE KUZINE reflect all of these faces in all of their paradoxical complexity.

With the very first song, "Berlin", the listener is catapulted into the midst of the capital's turbulent life, for Berlin is constantly and hungrily discovering and rediscovering its own multiple facets. After three CDs, the band felt an urgent need to redefine its sound, to develop further. In this sense, Berlin Wedding is a leap forward, yet at the same time, consistent with the band's development.
Founded in 1993 as a klezmer/Balkan combo, the band has never adhered to the purity of any particular music. Latin grooves, ska, surf, and pop references were quickly incorporated into their repertoire. They always felt disposed toward pop music, toward entertainment and their ability to excite audiences rapidly turned them into a popular live band.
In the meantime, DI GRINE KUZINE became a German pop act with a special timbre. Out of their hypnotic mix of beats and brass and an unlimited store of seductively beautiful melodies, the band has created an unmistakably unique language.
"Our attitude toward music allows us to put any melody on top of any kind of groove in any way we like. We've already played with Gustav Mahler this way, and on the new album, we process Modest Mussorgsky. But more than anything else, we are really interested in creating a fresh new sound with our traditional instruments; we want to play a kind of music that is both current and timeless. It has to reflect our lives. After all, we don't come from some Eastern European village. We're from Berlin. We've been playing for years and have seen that there's a lot of curiosity about our city, both in Germany and abroad. People are inspired by it. So we want to tell about it."
Released by skycap Records 2006, Format: CD

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