Terms & Conditions
The following general terms of business apply with regards to the business relationship between Asphalt Tango Records GmbH and the customer, likewise also for all future business. These conditions are based on the version in existence, at the time of the buying. Deviant conditions set by the customer will not be recognized by Asphalt Tango Records GmbH, unless, Asphalt Tango Records GmbH has agreed to these conditions in writing.
The offers presented on our internet pages are non-binding, and should be interpreted as an invitation to bid for the merchandise offered. An buying becomes for us a binding agreement, as soon as we confirm it, or at latest when the goods have been posted. Asphalt Tango Records GmbH is committed to accepting the buying of a customer based on the terms indicated on the website. Asphalt Tango Records GmbH reserves the right to withdraw claim, in cases of misprint or miscalculations on the website.
You have the right to cancel the contract for the purchase of any item within two weeks of delivery. This applies to all our products. To cancel a contract, send an e-mail to shop@asphalt-tango.de, giving the reason for the return. Goods must be returned unused and in their original condition. Please package the relevant item securely and send it to us. The return address is: Asphalt Tango Records GmbH, Ackerstr. 14/15, 10115 Berlin, Germany.

Notice of revocation:
For your protection, we recommend that you use a recorded-delivery service. Please note that you will be responsible for the costs of returning the goods to us unless we delivered the item to you in error or the item is faulty. As soon as we received your return, we will refund the relevant part of the purchase price for that item.

caveat emptor:
Asphalt Tango Records is not liable for damages which do not directly affect the delivered goods, in particular not for losses of profit or other such financial damages incurred by the customer. However, we regret that due to the nature of our products we cannot accept cancellations of contracts for the purchase of any products where the item has been unsealed, used or worn. Our returns policy is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
Property Rights
The delivered goods remain property of Asphalt Tango Records until the buyer comprehensively fulfills all requirements which are to be met on his behalf.
The delivery will proceed through the german postal service. We however reserve the right to use alternative transport methods when required. The risk is transfered onto the buyer as soon as the delivery has left the Asphalt Tango Records premises. This is also the case when partial-delivery occurs. Specification over the time for delivery are non-comittal, as long as no delivery date had been assured. Regarding partial-delivery under reasonable circumstances, we remain justified. So long as the customer is contractually in arrears, we have no responsibility to deliver.
Payment Options
The purchase price becomes payment due when an buying is placed. Payment worldwide and Europe can be made effectively by credit card, PayPal and advance payment. Within Germany it is possible to pay by credit card, PayPal, depit entry and advance payment. In case of default of payment, we are entitled to enforce interest at a value of 4% above that which the Bank may charge.
Privacy Policy
Asphalt Tango Records is committed to keeping the personal details of its customers private and secure. We will not sell or share your personal details with unrelated third parties, partners or affiliates, without explicitly asking for your consent in advance. The personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law. We don't use technology (like cookies) to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to our site.
Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction
German law is applicable pending disqualification or exclusion of the UN - Rights of Purchase. The Court of Jurisdiction for all claims with regards to contractual business relations is Berlin (Germany). Ineffectiveness of single determinations do not touch the efficiency of the other determinations.
Information about Purchasing
Method of Payment
The purchase price becomes payment due when an product was bought.
Payment worldwide and Europe
- by credit card (Visa, Amex, Euro/Mastercard)
- PayPal
- advance payment / Account Holder: Asphalt Tango Records GmbH, Berliner Sparkasse, Bundesallee 171, 10715 Berlin, Germany (IBAN: DE29 1005 0000 0063 6244 51, BIC: BELA DE BE) Subject: name of buyer
- by credit card
- PayPal
- debit entry
- advance payment / Account Holder: Asphalt Tango Records GmbH, Berliner Sparkasse, Bank code number 100 500 00, Account number: 63624451, Subject: name of buyer
Prices and Shipping and Handling
All prices incl. VAT.
Shipping and handling on delivery:
- Germany 3,00 Euro, purchases for more than 35,00 Euro are free of transport costs
- international 5,00 Euro for 1 product
7,00 Euro for 2-5 products
12,00 Euro for 6-10 products

purchases for more than 11 products are free of transport costs
Other Information
Creditcard Validity Check - CVV2, CVC, FDBC
You find the number on the back of your credit card. It is a three digit number, following your creditcard number.

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